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Layla is a fresh out the box teen that has never done anything like this before.  She had a tiny mouth but was willing to learn how to deepthroat. Halfway into her lesson she was ready to be throat fucked, so I had my friend really give it to her hard, she handled it like a champ.  She was a very good student that got rewarded with a nice load at the end. Enjoy this update.
Hi Friends, Here we bring you, Jennifer, a tiny girl that wanted to learn how to deepthroat and who am I to deny that.  She had a tiny mouth so it was tough getting the cock deep down her throat but we managed to work that out, as you can tell that's not me in the video, it's my assistant giving it to her good.  This video is very nice cause you get to see a girl that is new to the oral scene and you get to come along the teaching process.  I hope you guys enjoy this scene.  Join now to watch all the action in High Definition, thanks.
Jade Indica
Jade Indica, This video shows a girl that came in to see if she could deepthroat and ended up getting the throat fucking of her life. She took it like a seasoned vet and made things messy with every deep plunge on the cock.  Once I was done destroying her throat and it began to close, I dumped a huge load on her and sent her packing. I know she had to think about what just happened to her on the 2 hour drive home. Success!
Kasey Chase
Kasey Chase, So I get this call out of the blue from a girl I throatfucked before and she tells me she has this young girl that thinks she's a sword swallower, I tell her to bring her over and to my surprise it's a hot teen.  Kasey must've been practicing for years cause she could straight up deepthroat.  She took the cock all the way down many times and passed the challenge while doing it. This video is worth the price of admission.  Enjoy this 18 year old.
Vanessa Cage
Vanessa Cage, There's nothing better than a deepthroat blowjob, Unless it's a deepthroat blowjob by a hot 18-year-old teen. Vanessa Cage is incredible, she dedicates a lot of time to improve her "head" like she put it. You can obviously tell that she enjoyed every minute of it, she even asked me to fuck her a little bit just so I can feel how wet her pussy got from giving a class A blowjob. Amazing. Enjoy.
Maria, There's something about Maria, I don't know what it is but I like the way she does things especially when she sucks a cock, I love it. She gave me a very wet blowjob and put my dick in between her dd cup tits, which was amazing. I will not think twice now about putting my dick in between two juggs like that again. All in all this was a great scene with lots of deepthroating and 40 minutes of action. Don't miss it. Enjoy.
Tonya is a hot 20 year old girl that looks Latina but is not, she's all kinds of European mixtures. Her tits are nice and perky and are awesome to feel on. Her head skills are great since she doesn't have any gag reflex and really forces herself on the cock like it holds the antidote. She wanted to be throat fucked and I was able to do that for her. Awesome.
Sophie Ryan
Sophie Ryan is by far the sweetest girl I've ever shot, she is so nice, I will definitely be working with her again. I actually have to, since my camera got messed up when I dropped it, I shot this video with a regular handycam, Sorry guys, I let you down. Well back to the story, Sophie is very submissive, she wants to please the guy and really doesn't care about herself. She has the nicest ass and very nice perky tits that make you just want to touch them all day. Enjoy.
Ivy Winters
Ivy Winters is an exotic chick with a nice pair of tits. She's very exotic having all kinds of stuff in her. This girl got trained up real nice and took a liking to the guy shoving his cock down her throat. Those tits got covered in slob and then she got a huge load in her mouth, which she swallowed like it was nothing. I like girls with European bodies and this chick has an awesome one.
Vannah Sterling
Vannah Sterling, OK here we have a Professional MILF that's here to give me a sample of how pros make it happen. This video is very nice and I learned a lot from someone who has done it all. Once I Filmed this movie my Production has gone up to the next level and I hope to maybe work with her again someday. I would like to maybe bring in more experienced ladies in the future, but for now enjoy this update.
College Girl Martina didn't know what she was getting herself into when she decided to go on a movie date with me, actually I didn't know what I was getting into either. I convinced her to go back to my hotel room for some fun and fun we had. Correction, I had, 'cause I fucked her throat hard all while giving her 2 oral creampies, when I came deep down her throat without warning. She got taught a lesson each time the cock went deep down her throat. This college cutie was exploited for your enjoyment, the picture above says 1000 words.
Who likes 18-year-old freaks? Well if you do, you'll love Nala because she is not only young but also a freak. She came in to see if she could deepthroat and ended up releasing a whole bunch of stuff on the cock. She just gave up her throat to be fucked deep over and over again, all while making a mess. Once she was done with her training, she thought she could handle a more hardcore face fucking, but you have to see that video on Facial Abuse. Nala=0 Amateurthroats=1
Lynn Love
Lynn Love is a Latina with a nice big round ass. She came to deepthroat and that she did, taking my friend's cock all the way in her mouth. I was really impressed by her cause she really knew how to suck and stroke the cock at the same time. Nice. All around a cool girl that loves what she does. Enjoy.
Roxy Paige
Another day, another dollar, or in this case another day, another amateur girl deepthroating. Roxy is about as submissive as they come, she can take the cock beatdown with the best of them. She made a mess all over my cock and balls, but she didn't care cause she was determined to finish her training. I love it when a girl has her eyes on the prize. Enjoy this messy girl.
Felicia Fallon
I love it when a girl thinks she has everything figured out then ends up being throat fucked in a cheap hotel room. Felicia got exactly that when she met up with me, this broad is married and the husband doesn't know she does this kind of stuff, let alone for money. I wonder what she told her husband she was going to do all night? Stupid guy, 'cause you gotta know if your wife's a whore.
Sasha came to the East Coast from California in order to experience new things, little did she know that she would be gagging on cocks and getting fucked. All this came as a surprise to 19 year old Sasha, this is the first episode in where she deepthroats our resident guy and gets sent back west with a nice creampie. AT for the win.
Nadia Nasty
This week we have a lazy ass slut that just wants to get paid and not do anything to earn it. Her husband is even lazier 'cause he's the one that brought her over to get throat-fucked. I just couldn't deal with her attitude so I just sent her packing after cumming all over her face. New rule: NO More Lazy Bitches from the Hood!!
Here we have 19 Year Old Syvally getting throat fucked until massive amounts of stuff was coming out of her mouth. This chick has a spray tan and left my car seat looking golden, since she messed up my leather, I had to mess up her throat. She's doing this to pay for her engagement ring behind her Fiance's back, hopefully he see's this and knows that she really cares about him, awwwwww.
Grace Wood
This week we have Grace Wood, a teen that has some huge natural tits. This chick is trying to actually become a legitimate model. too bad she doesn't know the difference between art and porn 'cause I tricked her into thinking our little blowjob video would be art. She even opened her mouth for the nectar and swallowed it. Gotta love these girls! Hey Grace don't worry this won't ruin your modeling career!
Well you guys know Nala from the other video. Well, this video was the first encounter I had with her. The reason that this video didn't come first is because she looks like a runaway teen in this one. I don't really like throat fucking a Boy George look-alike, but since you guys seem to like her, I decided to put my pride aside and show you guys this knucklehead puking on my cock again, just like in the pic above.
Angel is a career whore that's been at it since Seinfeld was on the air. This chick will do anything you tell her to do and doesn't complain about anything, I don't think there's much brain activity in her head besides things related to whoredom. Angel has huge fake boobs that are fun to play with, but feel like you're touching a beach ball. I wouldn't bring Angel back for an encore, but she was a good piece for a boring Friday with nothing to do. Enjoy.
What's up with busty redheads calling themselves Pepper? Well I don't know. What I do know is that this fresh out of the choir girl is 18 and ready for her first video. Little did she know that it would involve deepthroating and swallowing cum. This girl has very big boobs that stand up and ask you to play with them. I don't know if her high school sweetheart will approve of this video, but I don't really care. Note to BF: Your girl is a freak and a good cocksucker!
Sasha returns by popular demand. In this video, I get to test out that mouthful of metal and see if it really does shred cocks like people have been telling me. I really wish those braces weren't there 'cause they are a pain in the ass. Braces are cool for making your crooked smile better but not for throat-fucking. When it was all said and done this girl Sasha is a super freak, down for what ever you have in store for her. Enjoy this naive Asian girl!
There comes a time in porn when you get a call from someone's fiancé wanting you to throat fuck his woman. On this day, I received that call and was at their place faster than what I thought was possible. This girl, Juliette, might as well be a circus freak 'cause I believe she has the deepest throat my cock has ever been inside of. This is a no bullshit update, we met, I throat-fucked her and then split. Enjoy.